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Positions sought

David Ngo

David is seeking a first-year air-conditioning/refrigeration apprenticeship in the Springvale area, Victoria.

He has completed a Certificate II in air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics, and holds a white card.

Contact David by email, or call 0402 208 196.


Matt Crameri

Matt is a third-year apprentice, based in Werribee, Victoria, who is seeking to continue his apprenticeship with another company. He has three years' experience with hydronic heating, and six months' of ducted heating and cooling, as well as split systems.

Contact Matt by email, or call 0481 463 398.


Dhaval Patel

Dhaval is seeking a sales/administration/business development/marketing role in Canberra.

He has three years' experience promoting ventilation systems and products, plus seven years' experience in structural glazing facade design and implementation, and experience as a junior sales engineer handling air conditioning products.

Dhaval attended a five-day technical sales program for Greencheck ventilation products at their headquarters in Winsconsin, USA.

He is available now.

Contact Dhaval by email, or call 0432 097 186.