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AIRAH strategic direction

Our vision

Safe, sustainable, healthy and comfortable built environments.

Our mission

To provide leadership, promotion, representation and support to the air-conditioning, refrigeration, heating and related services industry and membership.

Our goals

In order to achieve our Mission, AIRAH will provide:

  1. Professional and ethical standards
  2. Technical resources and access to knowledge
  3. Professional development, education and training and accreditation programs
  4. Communication to members, industry and stakeholders
  5. Industry leadership, representation and advocacy
  6. Local and global peer interaction
  7. Growth and retention of membership.


Our strategic aims

Please read the AIRAH Policy and Advocacy Strategic Themes 2016/17.

In order to achieve our Goals, AIRAH will:

  1. Promote and develop tomorrow’s efficient, productive and resilient industry
  2. Grow industry skills and capability for the future
  3. Inform regulation and policy processes
  4. Build member value and engage members.


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