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AIRAH strategic direction

Our vision

Safe, sustainable, healthy and comfortable built environments.

Our mission

To provide leadership, promotion, representation and support to the air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and related services industry and membership.

Our goals

In order to achieve our Mission, AIRAH will provide:

1. Professional and ethical standards

2. Technical resources and access to knowledge

3. Professional development, education and training, and accreditation programs

4. Communication to members, industry and stakeholders

5. Industry leadership, representation & advocacy

6. Local and global peer interaction

7. Growth and retention of membership


Our strategic aims


Claim the sustainability space

Through its conferences, publications, manuals and training, AIRAH will educate and motivate the HVAC&R industry and related fields about achieving sustainability. Many organisations talk about sustainability as a concept. Our aim is to be the HVAC&R organisation whose values are aligned with sustainability in a practical sense.


1. Drive the development, implementation and industry uptake of Calculating Cool
2. Match industry's research needs with research institutions.

Close the skills gap

At a time of rapid change of new technology and standards and a shifting regulatory landscape, AIRAH will provide appropriate and relevant professional development for HVAC&R industry personnel, and work alongside government and other providers to ensure the voids, where they exist in formal training, are filled.


1. Increase participation in AIRAH training
2. Develop and implement HVAC&R graduate training program
3. Establish an industry recognition program to promote excellence in research/education (bursary/scholarship program)
4. Coordinate industry representation at universities
5. Coordinate industry representation at TAFE.

Inform regulation and policy decisions

As the key industry organisation representing HVAC&R in Australia, it is essential AIRAH collaborate with government at both the state and federal levels. In this way the collective skills and specialist knowledge contained with the Institute can better inform the decisions that affect society in general and the HVAC&R industry in particular.


1. Move PRIME forward and retain as an apolitical industry roadmap
2. Position AIRAH to respond impartially on priority policy/regulatory issues.

Build and engage membership

AIRAH will become the institute of choice for HVAC&R professionals in Australia. This means ensuring that formal connection with AIRAH provides benefits – actual and intangible – that are valuable, worthwhile and attractive to our members throughout their professional lives.


1. Grow AIRAH membership by 8 per cent per annum
2. Re-establish the AIRAH STGs to provided enhanced services to a broader range of members.



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