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Dr Nathan Groenhout, M.AIRAH – President

Nathan is a consultant, researcher and academic. A mechanical engineer by training, he has spent the past 15 years working in the area of environmentally sustainable design promoting energy-efficient green buildings, as well as supporting technical education and professionalisation within the industry. Nathan has focused on the areas of occupant thermal comfort, passive design strategies for effective ventilation, and holistic sustainability. Most recently this work has focused on renovation of existing buildings, sub-tropical climates and issues affecting the industry as we transition to a low-carbon economy.

Ian Harwood, M.AIRAH – Director

A 20-year veteran of the building services industry, Ian is an associate director with Norman Disney & Young, based in NDY’s Perth office. With an avid interest in the technical side of the industry, Ian has also been active in the design and management of projects. He boasts considerable experience working on a broad expanse of building types, with particular expertise in high-rise residential, hotel and commercial buildings. Ian has a special interest in designing for humid climates, and is passionate about training and development for younger engineers.

Simon Wild, M.AIRAH – Director

Simon is sustainable design principal at Lend Lease. He was previously the CEO of Cundall Australia, managing director of Cundall Asia, and an international partner of the Cundall Group. Simon has a background in building services engineering, with a focus on sustainability.

Sean Treweek, F.AIRAH – Director

Sean is a Principal of WSP. He holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and a M.Comm.Law (Master of Commercial Law) from Deakin University in Melbourne. He also holds a B.E. (Hons) and M.Des.Sc from the University of Sydney. Sean has a wealth of experience across the HVAC&R industry around the country and has specific interests in sustainable design practices and technological advancement within the industry. Sean has been heavily involved with AIRAH both in NSW and Victoria and has a particular focus on finance, governance and strategy.

Bryon Price, F.AIRAH – Director

Bryon is a strategic development director at A.G. Coombs Group, based in Melbourne. He is a mechanical engineer and has notable experience in energy-efficient buildings. In his role with the A.G.Coombs Group, Bryon has been responsible for a wide range of energy and environmental projects. A particular area of knowledge and interest is whole-of-life energy and environmental management in buildings. Bryon also has a strong track record of constructive industry and policy advocacy.


AIRAH past presidents


2010 - 2013
Sean Treweek
2009 - 2010
John Bosci
2006 - 2009
Grant Hall
2004 - 2005
Dave Tanner 
2003 - 2004
Peter Taylor 
2002 - 2003
Phillip Carruthers 
2001 - 2002
Ray Clarke 
2000 - 2001
Peter Williams 
1998 -1999
Cees Lommers 
1997 - 1998
Syd Foster 
1996 - 1997
Ian Loney 
1994 -1995
Ray Cooper 
1993 -1994
Robert Ralph 
1992 -1993
Bob Worthington
1991 -1992
Alan Obrart 
1990 -1991
John Collins 
1989 -1990
Doug Elms 
1988 -1989
Paul Tippett 
1987 -1988
Ross Devereux 
1986 -1987
Allan W. Leth 
1985 -1986
Colin  Elliott 
1984 -1985
Robin A. Lyons
1983 -1984
Alan M. Brown 
1982 -1983
Ronald B. Cook 
1981 -1982
Robin Barr 
1980 -1981
Peter Wallbank
1979 -1980
H.H. Singleman 
1978 -1979
M.R. Brown 
1977 -1978
R.W. Skinner 
1976 -1977
Anthony D. Colliver 
1975 -1976
Ian S. Dewhurst
1974 -1975
JJW (Bill) Siganto
1973 -1974
F. G. Hogg 
1972 -1973
Donald M. Caldecott 
1971 -1972
Brian J. Croker 
1970 -1971
David Budds
1969 -1970
W.R. Ahern 
1968 -1969
Robert T. McKenzie 
1967 -1968
William H. Skinner 
1966 -1967
S.E. Rollinson
1965 -1966
W. E. Dobney 
1964 -1965
M. Farmer
1963 -1964
Samuel Hort
1962 -1963
George B. Elliott 
1961 -1962
H.A. Cartwright 
1960 -1961
W. H. Steadman 
1959 -1960
J.F.S. Winton 
1958 -1959
Harry G. Goldstein
1957 -1958
H.J. Stoneman
1956 -1957
B.M. Quin
1955 -1956
Alan Pritchard




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