Life and Hall of Fame members


The AIRAH life membership grading is intended to be one of the greatest honours bestowed upon an AIRAH member.

Individuals sanctioned as life members are traditionally winners of the James Harrison Medal, an AIRAH award that recognises an "individual’s notable contributions within AIRAH’s sphere of interest, commitment to ongoing achievement and excellence, and performance above and beyond that expected of the nominee’s position".


AIRAH's life members (in alphabetical order)

Joe Archibald, L.AIRAH   Joined 1976
John Bosci, L.AIRAH  Joined 1977
Clive Broadbent, L.AIRAH  Joined 1961
Alan Brown, L.AIRAH   Joined 1971
Donald Caldecott, L.AIRAH   Joined 1961
Herbert Collie, L.AIRAH   Joined 1948
Ron Conry, L.AIRAH Joined 2009 
Norm Cooper, L.AIRAH  Joined 1989
Ernest Donnelly, L.AIRAH Joined 1984
George B Elliott, L.AIRAH Joined 1944
Doug Elms, L.AIRAH Joined 1970
Syd Foster, L.AIRAH Joined 1986
Gwen Gray, L.AIRAH Joined 1967
Simon Hill, L.AIRAH Joined 1987
Bev Hince, L.AIRAH Joined 1962
Maurie Hughes, L.AIRAH Joined 1969
Rob Irvine, L.AIRAH Joined 1968
Jack Laracy, L.AIRAH Joined 1973
Cees Lommers, L.AIRAH Joined 1983
Robin Lyons, L.AIRAH  Joined 1964
Murray Mason, L.AIRAH Joined 1977
Alan Obrart, L.AIRAH Joined 1981
JJW (Bill) Siganto, L.AIRAH Joined 1936
John Smeed, L.AIRAH Joined 1959
Stan Wesley, L.AIRAH Joined 1974
Frank Wickham, L.AIRAH Joined 1960

ARBS Hall of Fame AIRAH Inductees

2010 – James Harrison (dec)

2010 – Denis Joseph, F.AIRAH (dec)

2012 – William Ahern, F.AIRAH (dec)

2012 – Murray Mason, L.AIRAH

2014 – Bill Siganto, L.AIRAH

2016 – Dr Stephen White, F.AIRAH

2018 – John Bosci, L.AIRAH