Membership benefits and fees

Joining AIRAH means aligning yourself with the industry's brightest individuals, and the most respected, nationally recognised HVAC&R organisation.

AIRAH is affiliated with international HVAC&R associations, and works closely with a range of Australian government and industry bodies.

We aim to make the HVAC&R industry visible, and to celebrate the incredible contribution it makes. We also aim to lead a smarter workforce to implement sustainable and resilient projects, enable successful careers, and ensure our future stays bright.

As we work towards these goals, we'd like to have you working alongside us.

Membership benefits

The AIRAH Technical Handbook 

 AIRAH Technical Handbook is available to members only, and is one of the most valuable benefits of membership. Boasting more than 250 pages of information, the AIRAH Technical Handbook has sections dedicated to design data, metric data, air-distribution systems, pipe systems, HVAC, and a handy general information section.

Annual subscriptions to our monthly print magazines, Ecolibrium and HVAC&R Nation

Ecolibrium  is the official journal of AIRAH.  It is read by over 10,000 professionals in the HVAC&R industry every month, and features the latest industry news, case studies on major projects, technical papers, information on the latest professional development opportunities available to industry and more.

HVAC&R Nation  regularly features the latest information on new products on the market, technical tips and a handy pull-out skills workshop, an employment and classifieds section, cover stories and feature articles, industry news and ear-to-the-ground trade chatter. 

Discounts for DA manuals and other technical publications

AIRAH has a range of design application manuals  and publications available to assist you in your day-to-day work in the HVAC&R industry - be it pipe sizing, load estimation, fan selection or water balancing, we can give you the information you need.

Discounted registration for conferences and training

Free monthly technical seminars

Networking opportunities

Membership grades and fees

All fees include GST unless otherwise stated.

Membership grade
From January 1, 2017 
New member fee
International first year
 $377 (no GST included)
International second year
 $313 (no GST included)
International student
 $35 (no GST included)
Company fee

* Student members must be attending an approved course on a full time basis and be able to prove so.  Apprentices must be able to show proof of apprenticeship to be eligible for Student member grade.

** Members who choose not to have their membership graded will be transferred to the Affiliate membership grade and have the use of the post nominal Affil.AIRAH.  To have your membership graded please download a copy of membership grade transfer formFor further information visit Membership Grades and Information .