The AIRAH Resilience special technical group (STG) aims to increase awareness of resilience as a design principle, gather current knowledge of resilient design approaches, generate resilient design tools and strategies and fill in resilience knowledge gaps specific to the HVAC&R industry. 




The Resilience STG is currently working on:

  • Increasing awareness of resilience as a design principle
  • Gathering knowledge of resilient design approaches and strategies
  • Filling resilience knowledge gaps specific to HVAC&R industry
  • Developing resilient design issues and design strategies across four industry segments:
- Building/system design
- Equipment engineering
- Installation and related construction
- Facility O&M.
  • Developing information graphics to communicate the issue and opportunities
  • Researching future climate data
  • Publicising resilient design of HVAC&R and the built environment.



  • Paul Stoller, M.AIRAH (Co-chair)
  • Liza Taylor, M.AIRAH (Co-chair)
  • Nicki Parker, Affil.AIRAH
  • Nick Asha, M.AIRAH.



 If you are interested in being involved please email