The Innovation Hub for Affordable Heating and Cooling

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In association with the CSIRO and PRIME, AIRAH is proposing to establish the Innovation Hub for Affordable Heating and Cooling, or iHub.

The Innovation Hub for Affordable Heating and Cooling will facilitate the HVAC&R industry’s transition to a low-emissions future, stimulate jobs growth, and showcase HVAC innovations in buildings.

The iHub in action   

The Innovation Hub will provide virtual and physical spaces where a community of industry innovators, designers, and educators can easily access knowledge and research infrastructure to incubate ideas and reshape industry practice to the needs of the 21st century. 

The Innovation Hub will enable Australian SMEs to accelerate product development through access to cutting-edge intellectual property, independent technology validation, and interfaces with venture capital investment.

Industry contributions supplemented with government funding will be used to fund the activities. The Innovation Hub aims to build its membership base and IP returns, to a point where it is self-sustaining.  

Who should become members?

Manufacturers and product entrepreneurs

  • Access to seed funding pool for product prototyping and testing.
  • Access to scientific laboratory test facilities.
  • Product validation in Living Laboratory Accelerator test sites with major property portfolio owners.
  • Shared access to, and influence on, publicly funded research results and intellectual property.
  • Export market development support.
  • A voice on industry standards and codes.

Designers and consultants

  • Access to additional resources and support for stretch innovation in the design process.
  • Introductions to motivated clients through early-stage co-creation design studios.
  • Access to participate in international knowledge-sharing activities.
  • Nurture the next generation of building services engineers, and access talent.
  • A voice on industry standards and codes.



Please email for more information or to express your interest in getting involved.