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Heating and cooling systems account for over 40 per cent of commercial building energy usage in Australia with significant impact on building star rating. Solar energy can reduce building energy consumption, and solar resource availability has a natural fit with the cooling needs of a building. 

There are many ways to take advantage of solar. However, introducing solar creates additional design considerations and requires greater integration of building services and architectural design disciplines. A holistic approach during design stage will result in easy adaption of energy efficient technologies in buildings. 

In this seminar, participants will gain an understanding of available solar cooling and heating solutions for integration with commercial and residential buildings. The seminar will provide guidelines for incorporating sustainable heating and cooling solutions while designing a building envelope. Real world examples from CSIRO installations from Australia and global installations from International Energy Agency task 53 (IEA) will be discussed during the seminar. 

Participants of this seminar will be able to: 
  • Gain familiarity with market available solar cooling and heating solutions 
  • Recognise the design and installation requirements of sustainable heating and cooling technologies in buildings 
  • Include sustainable heating and cooling solution options in the conceptual design stage of a building.

Presenter – Dr Stephen White, F.AIRAH 

Dr Stephen White, F.AIRAH, is a world authority in solar air conditioning and a member of the ARBS “Hall of Fame”. Stephen is domain leader in CSIRO’s Grids and energy efficiency program.


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Thursday, July 6, 2017
Australian Institute of Architects
Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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Please contact the AIRAH office on (03) 8623 3000 or email training@airah.org.au


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AIRAH and Standards Australia presented a seminar series in February and March on the recently adopted and published refrigeration safety and environmental standards; AS/NZS/ISO 817:2016 Refrigerants – Designation and safety classification which replaces AS/NZS 1677.1:1998 and AS/NZS 5149 Refrigerating systems and heat pumps – Safety and environmental requirements: Parts 1 to 4, which replaces AS/NZS 1677.2:1998. 

Each of these new adoptions have had major modifications and revisions over the previous AS/NZS1677 series and are critical as we move to low global warming potential refrigerants.  AIRAH will be holding the update seminars throughout Australia in February and March 2017 to provide an introduction and overview to the main changes that will affect the HVAC&R industry.

Highlights of the seminar:

  • Changes to refrigerant safety classifications
  • Changes to safety and environmental standards

The AS/NZS 5149 standard is published in four parts comprising over 160 pages of technical safety and environmental requirements under the general title, Refrigerating systems and heat pumps – Safety and environmental requirements:
  • AS/NZS 5149.1:2016 Part 1 Definitions, classification and selection criteria
  • AS/NZS 5149.2:2016 Part 2: Design, construction, testing, marking and documentation
  •  AS/NZS 5149.3:2016 Part 3 Installation site
  • AS/NZS 5149.4:2016 Part 4 Operation, maintenance, repair and recovery. 

Standards Australia will also provide an outline on the following topics:
  • Standards Australia overview and how Standards are developed
  • Background to AS/NZS ISO 817 and AS/NZS 5149 projects
  • Engagement and participation with standards development.

Presenter – Kevin Lee, M.AIRAH

Kevin Lee, M.AIRAH, has a strong technical background in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, with nearly 40 years of local and overseas experience in manufacturing, product design and regulatory compliance. Kevin is a former director and chair of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Board, former chair of the Standards Australia technical committee on refrigeration safety requirements, and represented Australia as a technical expert on the International Standards Organisation (ISO) technical committee for refrigeration safety. Kevin was chair of the joint industry and government task group that authored the Flammable Refrigerants Safety Guide

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Please contact the AIRAH office on (03) 8623 3000 or email training@airah.org.au