PUSCH Workshops at the Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference

Location and date


Promoting the Use of Solar Cooling and Heating (PUSCH) in Australian buildings is an ongoing effort supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to help improve the market uptake of these technologies. As a part of this project, an industry roadmap is under development. This roadmap has identified few potential barriers and opportunities for improving the market uptake of solar heating and cooling technologies. 

These seminars form part of the Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference, and provide an opportunity to look at some of the global initiatives that could be adapted to Australian market conditions. Activities coordinated through the International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Program (IEA SHC) will be discussed. 


Seminar I: 11am to 12.30 Price reduction of solar thermal systems (IEA SHC task 54)
Korbinian Kramer, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
Although solar thermal is already very well developed and has a high market penetration, costs are always an issue when it comes to deciding which heating system to use. IEA SHC Task 54 aims at a cost reduction for end-users of installed solar thermal systems by evaluating and developing sustainable means to reduce production and/or installation costs on material, sub-component, system-component and system level. Special emphasis is placed on the identification and reduction of post-production cost drivers, e.g., channels of distribution. Extensive market research, including defining reference systems, cost analyses, and the study of socio-political boundary conditions for solar thermal prices in selected regions will provide the basis for the evaluation of cost-structures and the cost-reduction potential. The main activities and achievements will be presented.

Seminar II: 2pm to 3.30pm: Solar district heating (IEA SHC Task 55) 
Jan Erik Nielsen, SolarKey Int., Denmark
For quite some time now district heating has been widely used in many European and Asian countries. Traditionally these systems use fossil fuels, but in many places these have replaced by renewable energy: solar, biomass and heat pumps (on renewable electricity). Some rather large solar district heating systems have been installed in Northern Europe. The biggest to date is 157, 000 m² (110MW). A project with almost 500,000 m² (350MW) is being prepared. And because it is now possible to store the heat from summer in underground storages to use in winter, solar fractions of more than 50 per cent are now possible. The principles for these solar/renewable systems will be demonstrated and some examples shown – including a solar district cooling system. The ongoing activities in the international group IEA SHC Task 55 will be presented.


The seminars will be open to conference attendees and others not attending the conference. If you are not registered for the conference, please register for the seminars below. Non-conference registration is limited to 70 people and is on a “first registration” basis. Lunch will be provided.

Date and location

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Bayview Eden 
6 Queens Road 
Melbourne, Vic

Further information

Please contact the AIRAH office on (03) 8623 3000 or email training@airah.org.au